Download Lux

The Lux app server bundle is a complete server bundle, including Jetty. It does require a working Java installation. It will probably work with a recent OpenJDK JVM, but has only been tested with Oracle/Sun JVMs.

Latest stable binary release

The war-only distribution is useful if you want to run this in an existing J2EE web app container.

Download the Lux library (jar) if you want to embed Lux in a Java application that will manage its own local index using Lucene (not Solr).

We also maintain a folder of older artifacts. The 0.10 series is being actively maintained in order to support users of Solr 4.2.1. The main branch (currently 0.11) will eventually track the latest Solr releases.

Source code

The complete Lux source code is available under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 on GitHub.

Lux jar on maven

The Lux library is available as a maven dependency using and artifactId=lux. To add lux as a dependency, you would place the following in your pom.xml: