Lux 1.1.0

Release 1.1.0 incorporates Lucene and Solr 4.6.1.

With this release you can now configure the scope of the element-text index using the concept of element visibility by setting attributes of the QNameFilterFactory declared in schema.xml. This provides a way to limit the element-tagging of text to only those that are needed for querying.

Each element name may be one of: transparent, opaque, hidden, or container. The default may be set to either opaque or transparent. Unless hidden, text is tagged with its parent element. If its parent is transparent, it is also tagged with ancestor elements, stopping at the first opaque or container element. In addition, visible (non-hidden) text is tagged with all ancestor container elements.

In the following example, elements are opaque by default, meaning text is indexed in association with immediate parent elements only. The other settings override this default for specific elements: the i (and namespaced i) elements are declared as transparent, meaning that text with parent element i is indexed in association with element i, and is also visible to i’s ancestral elements, in accordance with their visibility rules. IE, by default only i’s parent will “see” i’s children, since it will be opaque.

 <filter class="lux.index.analysis.QNameFilterFactory" visibility="opaque" transparent="i,{urn:ns}i" container="div" hidden="hidden" />


This release didn’t ship with solr.xml; you can download that here and place it in the solr folder if you’re missing it.